What’s in a name? Ursa Counseling Defined

Creating a counseling practice name is no easy task, and feels quite vulnerable. You want to be able to easily pronounce it, understand the mission, and not have it sound too cliche. As the owner of Ursa Counseling and Wellness/Boshardy Counseling & Consulting, I did not want my name to be the face of the practice. Don’t get me wrong, I love my last name but I equally loathe any amount of spotlight. Although Ursa is not my name, it has a special meaning to me, and encompasses a few themes in my life.

Urso (note the ‘o’) is my mom’s maiden name, which means “bear”. Ursa is the feminine version of bear, related to Ursa Major and Minor in the night sky. I’ve always loved the symbolism of the bear and that my mother embodied this fierce animal in name and spirit. 

In nature, bears symbolize courage, strength, rebirth, healing, wisdom and the cycle of life. Bears hold so many meanings and I couldn’t help but draw the parallels of what they symbolize to the therapeutic process. Oftentimes, we find ourselves isolated and in hibernation, and then a shift happens and we reawaken with a vitality, curiosity, and renewed hope and energy. 

The final tie to Ursa and “bear” is a love letter to my little cubs. My two boys. Each of their nicknames end with the word bear. My legacy is for them.

I didn’t want to name my practice something that holds no meaning. My clinical work is so meaningful to me. If you work with me I hope you feel the care, and truthfully love, that I try to give my client’s and their journey. 

What does this mean for you and the care you receive? Virtually (no-pun intended), nothing will change for you. You will still be able to find me and your clinician with whatever email we’re associated with in your address book and the client portal on Theranest remains the same. You will see on bills and anything business related that Boshardy Counseling & Consulting still exists. That is because it is the legal business name. In the future, I hope to create an instagram where you can connect with me and other clinicians in the practice. My goal for the business is to continue adding clinicians who continue to hold the therapeutic relationship in the highest regard, to continue helping any individual brave enough to start therapy. 

So, formally I introduce you to the new name while “bear”ing my heart and soul, Ursa Counseling & Wellness. 

by Caitlin Boshardy, M.Ed, LCPC

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