The Difference Between Different Mental Health Providers

There are so many different specialties, training and licenses when it comes to finding a mental health provider. Let’s break it down so you can distinguish what each person does, their training, and who you might go to depending on your needs. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/Licensed Professional Counselor (LCPC/LPC) Clinical counselors are some of the […]

How Social Media has Altered the Therapeutic Landscape

Social media

The emergence of Instagram and TikTok have shaped the way consumers of mental health services digest and understand clinical information. The profession of psychology is still learning, growing and de-stigmatizing mental health over the course of almost two centuries. Advocacy for mental health to be taken as seriously as physical health continues to change perceptions […]

Identifying Stress Versus Anxiety

Both stress and anxiety can be challenging to cope with on a day to day basis. I’ve noticed that people often use the terms interchangeably or incorrectly, and although they share similarities, there are key differences. Let’s break it down.  Stress occurs when an external event causes a physiological and mental strain on the body. […]