What’s in a name? Ursa Counseling Defined

Creating a counseling practice name is no easy task, and feels quite vulnerable. You want to be able to easily pronounce it, understand the mission, and not have it sound too cliche. As the owner of Ursa Counseling and Wellness/Boshardy Counseling & Consulting, I did not want my name to be the face of the […]

Factors that Contribute to an Unhealthy Relationship with Food and Body

The relationship we have with food and our bodies can be very complex and are usually not mutually exclusive. Even if you are someone who hasn’t necessarily struggled in these areas, being a human in today’s society means you have at least been impacted by the many external messages we receive about food and our […]

What is ADHD and DSM-5?

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is what the DSM-5 classifies as a set of criteria that one experiences that negatively impacts the functioning of an individual due to structural differences in the brain. For example, having ADHD can cause someone to struggle in many of the following areas: effective decision making, memory, impulsiveness, time […]

What to Look for in a Therapeutic Relationship

As a therapist and consumer of therapy services I would argue the most important aspect of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. This is the connection and trust you have with the therapist and the respect and positive regard the therapist gives in return. Therapy cannot due its true magic without that trust and respect between […]

Five Reasons to Pursue Couple’s Therapy

As a therapist, I tend to recommend couple’s therapy to many of my individual clients in relationships. I make these recommendations for a variety of reasons, but the thing that always strikes me is the response I get from clients. “We aren’t there yet,” or “I feel like couple’s therapy is for people who are […]

Identifying Stress Versus Anxiety

Both stress and anxiety can be challenging to cope with on a day to day basis. I’ve noticed that people often use the terms interchangeably or incorrectly, and although they share similarities, there are key differences. Let’s break it down.  Stress occurs when an external event causes a physiological and mental strain on the body. […]

3 Ways to Survive the New Year Slog

         The holidays are over, which for some is a cause to celebrate and for others feels like a giant hangover. Regardless, if you live in the Midwest, or even the tundra that is Chicago, January is not a month people get excited for, especially if you experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (or better known as […]

And Breathe

Just take a deep breath and relax. When your head is full of fear and anxiety, know that we are here to listen to you and provide you with guidance and support to overcome the obstacles that life throws your way. We understand that life can be a challenge, but together we can find a […]