What’s in a name? Ursa Counseling Defined

Creating a counseling practice name is no easy task, and feels quite vulnerable. You want to be able to easily pronounce it, understand the mission, and not have it sound too cliche. As the owner of Ursa Counseling and Wellness/Boshardy Counseling & Consulting, I did not want my name to be the face of the […]

Factors that Contribute to an Unhealthy Relationship with Food and Body

The relationship we have with food and our bodies can be very complex and are usually not mutually exclusive. Even if you are someone who hasn’t necessarily struggled in these areas, being a human in today’s society means you have at least been impacted by the many external messages we receive about food and our […]

How does postpartum impact new mothers?

One of the most vulnerable populations are those of new parents. It is also no secret among women that issues that crop up during pregnancy or postpartum are often overlooked by medical professionals. After multiple appointments throughout pregnancy to check the health of the mother and baby, only one appointment six weeks after delivery is […]